Improved Accessibility

The anywhere, anytime, anyhow nature of the service allows users to access their desktops over the internet giving them unprecedented freedom and flexibility.

Reduced Capital Expenditure

With its classic subscription model funds are no longer leeching away into depreciating assets but available for more added-value initiatives.

Greater Budget Predictability

Fixed, monthly pay-as-you-go pricing gives you cost certainty and simplifies budget planning and forecasting. This can positively impact on cash flow and aid strategic planning.

Enhanced Security

Data is no longer vulnerable on a local device but held – and regularly backed up – in a secure hosted environment; it is also encrypted.

Greater Agility and Responsiveness

With its rapid provisioning and inherent scalability, plus its affordable open model, is a good fit for organisations needing to expand quickly or wanting to respond to opportunity.

Improved Business Continuity

The ubiquitous availability of a desktop coupled with the centralised backup of data makes an attractive alternative to the traditional disaster recovery option of a stand-by secondary site.

Better Green Profile

A reduced need for new equipment, lower energy requirements, extended PC life, more flexible working, these can all help shrink a company’s carbon footprint and address environmental targets

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